Anthology Submissions wanted.

Deep Thought comics is holding an open call for submissions for it’s anthology “Just Because you’re Paranoid …

If you are a fan of conspiracy theories, have a few of your own or want to reveal some dark government plot in pen and ink, digital or otherwise. Send us your story.

We are looking for stories of Military cover ups, Under ground bases, Alien autopsies, Alien alliances, Human experimentation, Government False flag operations, and any other crazy and not so crazy happenings you may want the world to know.

Creators will receive contributors copy of the publication. Creators may also purchase additional copies at wholesale cost for resale.

Subject : Just Because

Submissions Guide

Submissions can be in color or black and white. Stories must be complete and self contained.

Page Count: 1 or more pages. (No page numbers on submissions, please.)

– Absolutely no erotica or Hentai

– Can be self-contained or a piece of a larger work, but should stand alone.

– All characters and stories must be original works and property of the creator


Tech specs:


o 300dpi

o Jpeg compression

o Page size

Trim,safe and bleed-

Safe 5.899×9.075

Trim 6.625×10.25

Bleed 6.875×10.438